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The bakers´ voice on the multiSPRAY
Vincent Talleu from "The Flour Pot Bakery" , Brighton, United Kingdom ( in our KREA Swiss Food Equipment Facebook Community about the multiSPRAY:   "We all really love this piece of equipment, it's a real game changer! We use the multiSPRAY mainly for eggs, we use pasteurized liquid egg. The best thing about the spray is that we are able to glaze them right before they get baked, with a brush you have to do it earlier to make sure you don't knock the dough back. We use it also for croissants, again it's amazing being able to glaze them when they're full..
KREA Swiss @ IBIE 2016, Las Vegas, 8.-11.10.16
IBIE brings the entire baking industry together for the most important trade event of 2016. And KREA Swiss will be part of it showcasing its entire current food preparation portfolio PLUS launching new product innovations. Stay tuned!   The International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE) is known worldwide as the Baking Expo™ that offers complete equipment, ingredient and supply solutions to serious baking professionals. Directors and managers from every segment of the grain-based food industry count on IBIE for the new technology, products, strategies and information they need..
KREA Swiss @ Internorga 2016, Hamburg, 11.-16.03.2016
Meet our German Distribution Partner SCHOKOBEDARF at the INTERNORGA, Hamburg (B6.1, Nr. 210) and see the KREA Swiss - Food Equipment in action! SCHOKOBEDARF will be showcasing in particular the hotCHOC and the chocMELTER. Check out how effectice airless & heated chocolate spraying ffor speckling pralines or preping moulds is. And see how fast chocolate can be melted and tempered due to the "direct & all-round container heating".   More info from ..
Better Spray Food Safe!
Plastics play a part in every phase of food production and preparation so they couldn’t possibly be harmful right?  You might be surprised. Recent health controversies have spawned new discussions about the safety of plastics in the food industry, especially linked to the potential health risks from Bisphenol A (BPA), a common chemical used in food packaging. Environmental scientists (Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health) warn that non-food grade plastics may be transmitting dangerous toxins into the foods they come into contact, with risk of doing long-term damage to our healt..

KREA Swiss yesterday visited the Barry Callebaut Chocolate Academy Switzerland in Zürich.  Using the heated and airless hotCHOC sprayer from KREA Swiss Joel Perrirad, Head of the Chocolate Academy Switzerland, allowed us to take some nice pictures while he was working on some beautiful product finishing, like spraying moulds, speckling pralines or adding the velvet effect onto frozen chocolate products. Please check our Facebook for more...

Chocolatier Richie Heppell's review on the chocMELTER

"Very easy to use and program, I got my 11 year old son to program it to see if he could also understand the instructions. Great! Also exceptionally light compared to its competitors.

I particularly like the temperature probe as it reads the chocolate temperature rather than the air flow under the VATs. I also used my own probe and it gave the exact temperature as what I had programmed.

And the speed that the chocolate melted was impressive as equipment of this type normally takes a very long time. I was...

KREA Swiss launches its new range of products for melting, heating and manually tempering chocolate.

The stylish, high quality chocMELTER heats the chocolate from 5 sides and measures the actual chocolate rather than the air below the container. When compared to similar products, the chocMELTER heats the chocolate must faster with more accurate temperature readings. They use as little as 20% of the energy and have a smaller, lighter, ergonomic and more hygienic design which makes them more easy to carry, store and clean.

CEO Dr. Sean Kendrick talks about the motivation for launching this new range: “During the development of the heated hotCHOC chocolate spray gun we often received feedback from development partners, such as the Barry Callebaut Academy UK...

KREA Swiss has won the category "Best Kitchen Innovation“  at the Pro Chef Middle East Awards 2014  in Dubai, U.A.E. … !

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