SOFTsolvent 12l

12 litres of KREA Swiss SOFTsolvent CFC free solvent for spot removal
Brand: KREA Swiss
Product Code: SOFTsolvent (12l) (Art-Nr. 16-650-031)
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This 12 liter container of synthetic hydrocarbon offers excellent dissolving features, is non odourous and free of chlorine-hydrocarbon.

KREA Swiss SOFTsolvent (previously known as Cleaner 580) is recommended by the prestigious Hohenstein Research Institute in Germany.


  • excellent dissolving features
  • suitable for „dry spots“ such as oil, lubricants etc.
  • leaves no residue when used with KREA Swiss drying devices
  • regulation compliant 
  • no decomposition if stored properly
  • no dangerous good in sense of ADR/GGVS
  • available in 1 litre bottle or 200 litre drum

Please note: Customers in Switzerland are alos charged with the VOC tax.

Art.-Nr. 12-650-039 (container of 12 litres) 12-650-030 (drum of 200 litres)
Form fluid
Colour colourless
Odour mild
Change in condition melting point: < -50° C boiling point: > 180° C (DIN ISO 3405)
Flash point 62° C
Ignition temperature < 200° C
Explosion limits lower: 0.6 Vol % upper: 7 Vol %
Vapour pressure at 20° C: 0.1 hPa (EN 12)
Density at 15° C: 0.768 g/cm3 (DIN 51 757)
Solubility in/ Miscibility with water at 20°C 0.1 g/l
Viscosity Kinematic at 20° C: < 1.9 mm2/s (DIN 51 562) Organic solvents: 100.0 %

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