K25T Paint Spray Gun

Powerful, high quality electric Spray Gun for those looking for more than a DIY version.

With 60W power, the KREA Swiss K25T Paint Gun is suitable for spraying standard paints such as acrylic and water based lacquers, synthetic-resin lacquers, priming, bronze, pesticides, insecticides, timber impregnating agents, glazes, under body sealants and car anti-rust cavity coatings and many more.


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DIN Viscosity Tester KREA Swiss K25 Paint Gun suction tube replacement
DIN viscosity tester helps in determining the thickness of liquid. ..
Piston spring for multiSPRAY (LM25), K25, TEX25 models
Replacement Piston Spring for K25 and TEX25 models. ..
Replacement Power Knob for LM2, LM3, LM25, K25T, TEX25, LM45, K45T spray guns
Replacement Power Knob for K25T, TEX25, K45T spray guns. ..
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