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Die KREA Swiss AG, Tägerwilen (Bodensee) sucht Praktikanten „TECHNISCHE PRODUKTENTWICKLUNG“ KREA Swiss ist ein kleines, sich schnell bewegendes Schweizer B2B Produktionsunternehmen, welches Firmentradition mit dem Wachstum in neue Geschäftsfelder und Produkte verbindet. Wir verstehen uns als „B2B Product Innovation Center“ und produzieren Geräte, welche die tagtägliche Arbeit in der Lebensmittelproduktion als auch in Textilunternehmen vereinfacht. Wir suchen aktuell zwei oder drei dynamische, hochmotivierte Persönlichkeiten für ein Praktikum im Bereich „technische Produkten..
NOW HIRING: International Marketing Manager
We are a small, fast moving B2B Swiss manufacturer with a proud history and an exciting future. We are looking for an enthusiastic, creative and international focused team member to help continue marketing our niche products into a global marketplace. Based just across the Swiss border, we are located only a few minutes away from Konstanz. Although we mainly sell through a distribution channel, creating pull is important- in addition to typical design and content activities, a major part of the role focuses on generating awareness through business and social networking platforms. With ..
WIR STELLEN EIN: Produktionsmitarbeiter Montage
Wir suchen ab Oktober einen  Produktionsmitarbeiter Montage 100% KREA Swiss ist ein kleines, sich schnell bewegendes Schweizer B2B Produktionsunternehmen, welches langjährige Firmentradition mit der dynamischen Expansion in neue Länder, Geschäftsfelder und Produkte verbindet. Wir produzieren hauptsächlich Geräte, welche die tagtägliche Arbeit von Profis in der lebensmittelerarbeitenden Industrie als auch in Textilunternehmen vereinfacht. Unsere Produktion besteht zum Großteil aus der Montage von Produktkomponenten auf der Basis unserer eigenen, einzigartigen Entwicklungsspezifi..
KREA Swiss supports young engineers – partnership with Konstanz University
The company name KREA Swiss is derived from the German word “kreativ” (Engl. creative). Because our company is formed by people that have the ability to create. People who are characterized by the originality of thought, showing imagination, have a creative mind to bend the rules of conventions, go new ways. Which is why we came up with great products such as the airless & heated hotCHOC sprayer and manufacture the top quality chocMELTER with all-round heating and digital temperature control. Or even take the simple but so effective sprayBOX that provides a professional food preparation..
KREA Swiss present with reseller partners in +30 countries worldwide
Our current network of sales partners spans more than 30 countries around the world. You can buy our food products directly in the below listed countries. Contact us on to know more about whom to contact where. Or simply buy via our webshop. Your order will be shipped from a local reseller where possible. Where we do not have local resellers, KREA Swiss subsidises your shipping costs so that you pay close to local rates.  The shipping company is listed after you compete your address, just before final checkout. LIST OF KREA SWISS RESELLER COUNTRIES: Austria,..
KREA Swiss on Facebook
  The KREA Swiss Facebook FOOD Equipment Group now has more than 1.250 members! Congratulations. This social media group collects the latest product developmnet news, user videos and customer statements as well as news on industry topics and events. Members range from Executive and Sous Chefs to Pastry Pros and Chocolatiers , including KREA Swiss customers from all over the world. Check it out and stay tuned for KREA Swiss related content. All products can immediately be purchased from the KREA Swiss Webshop, with loca..
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