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The new SOFTspot stain removal system on display at TEXCARE 2016 in Frankfurt!
KREA Swiss will be presenting its newest and ground-breaking product development innovation – the SOFTspot - on the forthcoming TEXCARE trade fair (hall 9) in Frankfurt from 11th – 15th June. The official launch of the SOFTspot is scheduled for March. So stay tuned!!! The softSPOT table builds on our 50 years experience of manufacturing systems to remove various types of stains from textiles BUT WITHOUT the need for aggressive and dangerous chemicals. It is full of innovative features that make it faster, safer and cheaper to remove a high number of stains than any other comparable opti..
Getting The Best Results When Using Spotting Kits
The drycleaning industry relies heavily on spotting kits for stain removal. Roger Cawood (SDML Consultancy & Training, UK) advises on their safe and efficient use The majority of High Street drycleaners use kit products for the removal of specific stains. In most cases these kit products have proved to be very effective. Their use has generally led to a simplification of stain removal procedures and a reduction in the need for in-depth staff training, with a small number of cleaners relying solely upon a three-bottle kit. Spotting methodologies have changed with many cl..
PRODUCT LAUNCH: innovative spotting & cleaning solutions
After an intense 18 months of product development, KREA Swiss is almost ready to start the roll out of it`s new and modernised range of spotting guns, spotting tables, mobile cleaning stations and mild cleaning fluids. Known formerly under the "KREBS" brand, the company has been leading spot removal innovation for decades, with many high street brands insisting that their garments are finished with our toxin free spotting solutions.  KREA Swiss spotting solutions are known for their excellent mechanical cleaning (powerful jet) and heat (soap) elements- they are a much softer cleani..
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